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Fight AI with AI

UpSight - Security that works for people

How UpSight works to protect you

Our Threat Graph AI engine is able to Detect, Prevent and Evict AI assisted attackers in real-time.  UpSight works by installing a thin cloud client on your device. The UpSight client observes the billions of low-level events that occur on your device every day and efficiently filters them down to the tiny subset that could indicate an attack is underway and places them in the UpSight Threat Graph.  Elements in the Threat Graph have a cause-and-effect relationship, so we don't just know that a process was establishing persistence on your device, we know that it was contained in a zip archive with a shortcut link that contained a script that was attached to an email.  Our AI model is able to read the Threat Graph like a sentence and predict the next steps in the attack.  When UpSight sees the attacker attempt the predicted next steps, we detect, prevent their actions as well as walk the graph to remediate and EVICT the attacker.

Why UpSight?

Because security should be about people

ChatGPT and similar LLM technologies are one of those technological developments that change everything.  In particular we must change how we defend from AI-assisted phishing attacks.  Today nearly 4% of phishing emails are clicked on, this is despite decades of user training and email filtering platforms being deployed.  Why is this?

Because we are all people.  People make mistakes.

We should stop trying to 'fix the people' and instead address the situation.  ChatGPT radically shifts the advantage to the attacker in cost, frequency and success of phishing attacks.  UpSight is a fast immune response to these attacks that will detect, prevent and evict the attacker without impacting your business.

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