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Protect what matters most - YOU

UpSight - Security that works for people

Why UpSight?

Because security should be about people

If you think about your PCs security at all you probably figure...

"Antivirus? I think my grandpa has that?  It's okay I can always reset my PC, everything that matters to me is online". 

True.  But what if you lost your online accounts?  Yeah, you're screwed.

UpSight protects your Discord and Steam gaming accounts from token-theft account take-overs.

“ account got hacked. I am in process of restoring. Good luck with the guides and tips as you will not be receiving any tangible help” - Elden Ring

“bro someone hacked my steam account and sold all my skins and used the sold money to buy dota 2 shit” - Counter Strike

“I helped my friend get diamond on his account and he got it stolen:sob: He’s trying to get it back hope he does...” - Rainbow 6

“My account was hacked and the email and password were changed on my apex account, I have contacted EA support but they weren't much help.” - Apex Legends

“...I guess my account was hacked and  now as soon as I create a new account on my pc for battlenet I get banned again in matter of minutes….” – Call of Duty

“My account just got hacked tonight 😦 almost lost everything” - Call of Duty

A harsh truth: No amount of good password hygiene can protect your accounts!

How UpSight works to protect your accounts

Graphs!  It's made of graphs!

After you install the lightweight UpSight Security client on your gaming PC, UpSight watches for activities that lead to stealing your account credentials.  UpSight builds graphs of behaviors and essentially reads them like sentences.  Some sentences describe things you want to do on your PC like play your games;  UpSight knows to stop reading and get out of the way.  Other sentences describe a hacker after your account credentials; UpSight puts a stop to those.  The use of graphs allows UpSight to avoid getting in the way of games like Anti-Virus does and has no heavy handed 'scans'.  UpSight is fundamentally different from an anti-virus but will work alongside one if you happen to use one.

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