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Our guesses about your questions.

So, you got me all paranoid, how do I know to trust UpSight.exe ?

Windows has some really great security features... that they pretty much don't use for anything other than preventing movie piracy. Code signing is one of those things.

"upsight.exe" is signed by our EV Code Signing Certificate issued to "UpSight Security Inc." by Sectigo. The EV stands for "Extended Validation" which means we had to prove to Sectigo that we are a real corporation at a real address etc.

You can/should check the signature by _right_ clicking on the executable and viewing properties. Then select the 'Digital Signatures' tab and you should see that upsight.exe is signed by 'UpSight Security Inc.' using a SHA256 digest.

Beyond that I don't want to just say 'Trust Us'. Look us up on LinkedIn, we are connected to a wide variety of people involved in the security industry going back decades.

How do I get help?

If UpSight is causing you trouble, you can first disable it in the UI. We are actively working on an improvement to give feedback to the product that it made a mistake and that it should not have blocked a specific action and train it to not do that again. Secondly, we would really appreciate it if you joined our discord ( and let us know what is going on! We test as much as we can... but alas are merely level1 mortals lacking magical abilities and are not all knowing and need to eat and sleep every so often.

So am I absolutely entirely safe from account take-overs?

NO! UpSight plugs a gap where thieves can take over your account by stealing your Discord, Steam and Browser account tokens on your PC. This is a major step forward for your account safety! Token theft is being actively exploited 'in the wild' by various malware campaigns. There are other ways to steal tokens though; such as fake login pages that UpSight does not current prevent. See our write-up about account take overs. We are actively working to extend our protection.

How Do I know its working?

Generally, UpSight should keep to itself and not bother you. However, when it detects what looks like Token theft, it will spring into action and let you know using a Windows Notification (aka 'a toast'). If you want to know more, click on the notification. If you'd rather not see notifications, the windows notification controls can hide these for you.

Do you support platform ...

Probably not :( We are just getting started here! Today we support 64-Bit Windows 10 and 11 and guard Discord, Steam, Teams and chromium Browsers running on Windows 10 and 11. If you want to run UpSight on some other platform, want to guard some other type of account, please let us know!

What are we getting out of this?

growing user base shows our investors that UpSight is a business worth investing in. We appreciate your trust and usage of UpSight. We also gain insight into new threats targeting PC Gamers and can build a better mouse-trap for the future.

What does it cost?

UpSight is free to use! UpSight is not an open-source project and is not free software, the license agreement has all of the details. As we grow we will introduce additional security features we hope you will want to subscribe to, but for the moment we plan to always provide account security for free.

What happens when I install the UpSight Client?

The UpSight Client is a Windows Security application for 64-Bit Windows 10 and 11. When you download upsight.exe you can check its digital signature - it should say "UpSight Security Inc.". When you double-click on it, you will be prompted if you want to allow UpSight to run with administrative privileges. Please allow since upsight.exe installs a service and a filter driver which it uses to guard your Discord and Steam accounts against credential snooping. You will be presented with a license agreement. The text of the agreement is authoritative and please do read it... However, the general gist of it is that we are not after your data, we just need some minimal information about you (an email) and will collect data only in order to provide the UpSight Security service to you. If you accept and proceed UpSight will be installed and the UpSight 'webui' should appear in your default browser. You can open the UI any time by clicking on the UpSight icon in your start menu.

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