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UpSight News!

We had the opportunity to present UpSight Security at the WestSide Pitch here in Oregon last Thursday. It was a lot of fun and we walked away with a large novelty check - so even better! Many thanks to everybody that was involved in bringing this event together.

We have released a new UpSight Client (build 1977). 1977 was a good year in my estimation and a pretty good step forward for UpSight. We listened... and found a way to eliminate the need for user registration. So just download, install and be protected. We also fixed around a few curve balls that Microsoft threw our way with Windows 11 22H2, improved performance, and continued to build out our threat graph technology.

It will take a little while before we can get the UpSight Web UI updated to offer a causal event view, but we are now at least internally tracking events in 'causal order'. Causal order refers to events that have some sort of cause-and-effect relationship with each other, even if that relationship is not obvious. Attackers frequently try to confuse security products by doing things through really indirect means. UpSight won't be fooled - this is a really powerful and we believe unique to UpSight Security capability. This gives UpSight context around an event. So, we don't just know that some application is reading your token credentials trying to steal your account, we also know that that application was downloaded from the internet and did a few other shady things first... and since we know all of those things we will in the future also be able to clean them all up for you too. This is all work in progress, but really fundamental to building a really solid system for protecting what matters most to you - you!

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