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UpSight Security Client Update 1/31/2023

This is a fairly small update, but we are pleased to be able to extend protections in a few different ways:

Signal Protection! Gula Tech Adventures has a pretty good video detailing some of the issues with using Signal on your desktop. We would still council caution if you are in potential danger due to your signal usage.

Key logging protection! We've started down another development path to prevent attackers from reading your passwords as you type them. Windows has features that exist to enable assistive screen readers. Which is really important if you happen to need one. However, these same features are really easily abused to read what you type over your shoulder. We don't just outright block screen readers though, we use our internal behavior graph to see if the application trying to read the screen has some "history" first. As always you can also tell the client we goofed in the UI, and it will learn from its mistakes.

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